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I think I speak for the entire fandom when I say UNF

I haven’t seen this one yet you spoilers! (wish i had time to watch TV!)

Sifu if you have time for Tumblr, you have time for Korra.

I only have apple tv and new episodes don’t air until the day after:(

Sifu, i shall tell you of this magical place called “the internet”. it’s a wonderful place where everything is free and nothing hurts

Did I mention I’d like to watch it in 1280p hdtv 

(Source: sweetbore)



When Avatars Fall in Love (Kataang/Makorra theme mashup) 

Produced by Chongthenomad

Inspired by the Track Team

I decided to take the Kataang theme played at the last scene of ATLA, and the Makorra theme from the last scene from the 2nd episode and mash them together…with a little twist. :D 

That was very enjoyable! I know I’m late to the party…..

EDIT: Of course I found it I was only told 1000 times to go find it!

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